The second biennial symposium hosted by:

The Department of Women’s Studies Graduate Student Association

Interventions: Women’s Studies in Action

University of Maryland, College Park

Friday & Saturday October 23-24, 2015

Keynote Address: Dr. Nancy Mirabal

Special Performance: Renaissance in the Belly of the Killer Whale

Feminist scholarship at the University of Maryland engages a wide range of questions, topics, methods and disciplines meant to address the lived experiences and representations of women, especially with regard to issues such as gender, race, sexuality, nationality, disability, etc. Our second biennial symposium highlights various feminist projects in development at the University Maryland and the surrounding area, profiling the cutting edge of feminist scholarship, art, and activist work.

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We look forward to reflections and conversations on the following areas:

Bridging Gaps— We are interested in interdisciplinary work that bridges the gap between theory and praxis, between academic scholarship and community engagement.

New Media and Social Change—We encourage projects that use digital humanities to engage with feminist theory and to explore the future of women’s studies within the academy and in the community.

Interrogating Intersectionality—We will consider submissions that analyze the intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality, nation, ability, religion and language. We are especially excited about work that pushes the field of Women’s Studies to challenge and nuance its central framework and that examines affective entanglements and assemblages.

Call for Proposals